Message from County Director of Education - Laikipia County   

When the year 2020 started on 1st January, everybody was looking forward to a bright, successful year in every sector in this country. It was indeed the beginning of the 3rd decade in the 21st century. Schools opened as usual following the approved term dates for the year. However, on the Sunday of 15th March a decree was delivered from Statehouse that all forms of gathering had been banned and as a result all, learning institutions were to be closed with immediate effect. Learning institutions were thus closed with the hope that the closure was short lived and that they would reopen in April or May. This was not to be. The rising cases of the COVID 19 made it difficult to reopen the schools. At the national level KICD has developed digital content which is broadcasted on KBC and EDU TV channels, as well as KBC radio in a bid to have the students who were at home keep abreast with their school work. Other education partners have partnered with the education offices to provide digital content to the learners who are at home either through the internet or the local radio channels. Laikipia has not been left behind in this bid of ensuring that the students in the county are able to access learning. The ICT department TSC Laikipia developed (Learners Management System LMS) an online revision system, linked to Karaba secondary school website that had an existing system, on which candidates would be able to do online revision in mathematics and other the science subjects using their parents’ smart phone or laptops/desktops. The piloting of this process with a few schools proved to be a success as it was easy to use and learners were able to interact with respective subject teachers. The quest to accommodate all the secondary schools in the county as well as inclusion of humanities and technical subjects, led to the creation of a county education website. With this creation, all the primary school candidates and other learners will also be able to access digital content in their subject areas. The creation of this website will indeed be beneficial in many ways, but the most important being the exchange of information made easier for all in the education fraternity in the county, ranging from pupils, students, teachers, school administrators and all other education stakeholders. Thus, the development of the education App has enhanced the creation of the website that will provide access to quality, equitable and inclusive education to learners through remote learning. Otherwise this is good support to facilitate online teaching and learning materials to learners as advocated by the MOE. Thank you.