Message from County Quality Assurance and Standards Office   

Necessity indeed is the mother of invention and innovation. The prolonged stay of learners at home as one of the measures of containing the spread of Corona virus made possible thought provoking processes to be initiated to supplement what schools were (or not doing) to make leaners especially the candidates engage in some learning. Constant and persistent dialoging and consulting resulted in the innovation of an eLearning system for KSCE candidates. The innovation that was initially piloted using STEM subjects in three schools in the county led to yet another innovation of the creation of a website in order to enhance eLearning while accommodating not only KSCE candidates but also the KCPE candidates and other learners in both primary and secondary schools and all the subjects offered in the curriculum. This innovation brings to memory several documents. First is the document referred to as the ICT policy for the education sector which among its ten components include integration of ICT in education and the digital Content. Secondly, Sessional Paper No. 1 of 2005 and the Kenya Education Sector Support Programme (KESSP) which underscored the need to embrace technology in our education system. Indeed the drafters of these documents foresaw these difficult COVID-19 days in which we inadvertently find ourselves. Today eLearning is a rapidly growing industry given that it is a network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge and the delivery of education is made to a large number of recipients either at the same or different times. While acknowledging the heavy in put that goes into production of the online learning materials, there is need to empower the teachers to learn how to prepare these materials. The importance of eLearning is now a given fact and now in this county, it becomes the foundation upon which other innovators will build on.

Dr Amadi - CQASO Laikipia County