Message from County Director - Teachers Service Commission   

Kenya’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has witnessed a dramatic turn around with a leap in the last two decades that has seen institutions embrace Internet and ICT services. It is important to note that the Curriculum has since been expanded with more practical and relevant subjects with the use of ICT taking the center stage as a method of teaching as well as being offered as a subject. I commend schools that have boldly taken a step and embraced ICT both as a subject offered and as a tool of governance. In March 2020, the outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic defined the greatest challenge throwing the world into the greatest crisis of our time. The pandemic has since affected normalcy in the life’s structure and human activities. Education and the school calendar suffered greatly when schools closed throwing all the stakeholders to state of uncertainty especially because no institution was prepared for the eventuality. Many unanswered questions on what the school going children were doing at home, how they managed their learning, teachers missing school routine and wishing to get back to teaching, the uncertainty of the national examinations, the fate of the school calendar etc. But despite the crisis, The Covid-19 offered a silver lining and an idea to reach out to Laikipia students through ICT was born. This was to be necessitated by the creation of Education website where teachers posted learning materials to be accessed by students with a lot of ease. The website is a milestone that would see vibrancy of the County experienced globally. My appreciation goes to Dorothy Kaugi (TSC ICT-Laikipia) for her unrelenting spirit and vibrancy in the creation of the Website and the coordination and management of e-learning service to Laikipia students. I commend the STEM Teachers, KPSHA, KSSHA, Ministry of Education-Laikipia, the County Government of Laikipia and all people of good will for their support and encouragement. It is my prayer that this project shall live to tell a tale of a crisis that became a blessing